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Established in 1922, Plant Marvel Laboratories pioneered and popularized the use of water soluble fertilizers.  We introduced our original 12-31-14 General Purpose Hi Phosphate formulation over 90 years ago helping to fuel the growth of soilless growing and hydroponics.  Some years later we found a way to incorporate soluble forms of minor and trace elements into our expanding line of soluble N-P-K fertilizers.  This became the first commercial fertilizer to deliver a total nutrient feed to crops without fear of burning and with unparalleled ease of application.  It provided almost instant response because all nutrients were in a form the plants could utilize immediately.  We called it Nutriculture.

Over the years, we helped pioneer the concept of foliar feeding and widespread use of water solubles in the commercial market.  But our most important innovation has been the incorporation of all necessary trace elements into every N-P-K  formula we manufacture.  Today this practice is becoming standard with all fertilizer manufacturers. Read more…